VAGUS NERVE: SECRETS EXERCISES AND TECHNIQUES: A self-help guide to help you overcome Anxiety and Depression. Real help for Weight Loss, Autoimmune Diseases, Diabetes.

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Did you know that you could sleep better, improve your memory and prevent inflammation? Why can't you lose weight even if you are on a diet?

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Let me tell you a story. This is the story of a perfect system, in which every single part is connected and works in harmony with the others.

That's the story of your body and its incredible self-healing powers. However, sometimes, you feel tired, stressed, anxious and your memory does not seem to work well. You might be suffering from some sort of inflammation that affects your wellness.

The Vagus nerve is the longest among the twelve pairs of cranial nerves that spread out from the brain. It carries information to and from the brain and delivers it to the various tissues and organs suspended within our bodies.

The vagus nerve extends its control over a wide range of bodily functions. It largely controls the chemical activities of the brain that bring about temporary emotions or other long term illnesses such as depression and anxiety. It also controls various other functions related to the heart, digestion and lungs.

How could such a vital nerve play a secondary role in your wellness?
In fact, its role is a prime one.

This book will open your eyes to the myriad of ways that the vagus nerve can directly and negatively impact your life. You will learn that the cause of the most common physical and mental disturbances that affect your wellness can be overcome by a correct stimulation of the vagus nerve.

But most important of all, you will learn many techniques, methods and tips to restore your full wellness, backed up by scientific research.

Robin Eike Jung will talk you through:

- The main functions of the Vagus Nerve

- How it affects the main organs and tissues

- Which common diseases are associated with the Vagus nerve

- Which mental states can be affected by the Vagus nerve



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