Vagus Nerve Healing: Easy and Inexpensive Vagus Nerve Stimulating Exercises That Activate Your Body’s Natural Self-Healing Power

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If you’re looking for a reliable, practical and up to date guide that reveals all you want to know about the vagus nerve stimulation using layman’s terms, then keep reading…

Do you have a health condition that hasn’t improved much even after consulting with several doctors and trying traditional treatments?

Is it important for you to take good care of your body and apply the developments of cutting-edge researches?

Or you just don’t want to ignore any crucial information that could keep you in your best health long-term?

Meet the Vagus Nerve, a nerve that’s greatly responsible for your psychological and physical well-being. It directly connects your brain with most of your major organs and it’s also the key to bring your body into the state of safety and activate its innate capacity to heal.

How different your life would be if you would know how to easily soothe anxiety, become less susceptible to everyday stress and feel more comfortable in your own skin?

Imagine going through your days noticeably relaxed, relieved from the pain and tension in your body and having much better sleeps.

Researchers claim that many of today’s common health problems are caused by a lack of proper functioning in the vagus nerve. During research in 2017, over 70% of the test subjects reported visible results in various psychological and physical conditions during a course of 3 weeks. The only difference they did is that they practiced vagus nerve stimulating exercises (like you’ll find in this book) day to day.

Here are just a few snippets of what you’ll discover in “Vagus Nerve Healing”:

How to activate the natural healing power of your body to reduce or even eliminate many common symptoms – from anxiety, depression, and stress to foggy brain, migraine, and chronic pain
What you should know about the Nervous System and the Polyvagal Theory even if neuroscience isn’t one of your favorite small talk topics
How to know if you have damaged or dysfunctional Vagus Nerve? – including health problems you would’ve never guessed
Exercises and lifestyle changes that significantly increase your Vagal Tone Index, reduce stress, regulate hormones, strengthen your immune system – and may even improve your memory
Secret body hacks you can do at almost any place and any time to stimulate your Vagus Nerve and start your own treatment – no equipment needed
Get rid of your health problems by dealing with their root – with simple (and sometimes even fun) exercises you can do at the safety and comfort of your home
For the price of only a few days portion of health supplements, you’ll get the tools to keep your most important nerve healthy in the long-run

You may afraid this book is too dense for a layperson, but the author wrote it to be a practical guide for everyone, even for beginners.

Can´t decide if you want to hold a real book in your hands or read on your kindle? Here’s the solution: Invest in the paperback version, and you’ll get the e-book as a free bonus. Limited time only.

So, if you want to kickstart your natural self-healing ability and feel amazing in your own body, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” now.

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