Daily Vagus Nerve: Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

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Chronic pain and inflammation is a terrible condition to live with.

Still, as everything has shown, there is hope in the incredible power that the vagus nerve holds.

The truth is that vagal stimulation is still in its infancy.

Research is continually being carried out and the areas of potential research.

As mentioned, merely scratch the surface of the full body of new studies that are being undertaken.

You can expect this decade to bring rapid advances in the field of chronic inflammation remedies, and the vagus nerve is likely to be at the front and center of it. Living with pain is severe.

It's even worse when you realize that all those pills you're popping aren't doing anything for you and are mere placebos.

It is a position in which my wife and I found ourselves at different points in our lives.

Thanks to the miracle that is the vagus nerve, we managed to dig our way out of it.

Challenges in life never cease, but living with pain, inflammation, and chronic illness is one particular challenge you don't have to deal with day in and day out.

While the vagus nerve is a miraculous thing, it helps to live a healthy lifestyle.

As you can see from the alternative methods to stimulate the vagus nerve, the majority of solutions point towards living a balanced and overall healthy lifestyle.

This is precisely what ancient wisdom teaches us, and we would do well to follow it.

Methods such as yoga and meditation might not find an excellent fit for themselves in today's reaction based medicinal approaches.

Still, when it comes to being proactive with regards to your health, they remain amongst the best solutions to undertake.

So take action starting right now and begin implementing the stimulation exercises mentioned.

Stop thinking of yourself as a machine that needs to be fixed and is thinking of yourself as a living being, the product of thousands of years of evolution.

Your body is perfectly adapted, in some sophisticated ways, to survive and thrive here on planet earth.

It has far more healing power than you may have ever given it credit for.

While its design may not be perfect for handling social media interactions or supporting you forty hours a week in your office chair, it's designed is perfect when supported by a whole and healthy lifestyle.

Please don't blame yourself or your body for its physical, psychological, or emotional shortcomings.

Instead, work together with your body to gain autonomy over your wellness.

One of the benefits of vagal stimulation is that as your mood improves, you'll begin to believe in the treatment to a greater extent.

This will create a self-reinforcing positive cycle!

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